We want to see you SHINE!

  1. OWN your gifts and greatness so you can finally make the impact you’re here to make.

  2. ALIGN your energy with your mission to get the best results from your work.

  3. INCREASE your energetic visibility (Soul Light) so you can be seen and recognized for who you truly are.

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Bright Soul,

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Thank you for being here!

We want you to know that we see you, and we acknowledge what you’re here to do.

We salute you for your good works, your dedication, and your powerful heart.

You have a purpose to help this world become better. This world is honored and grateful to have you.

As Intuitive Empaths, we are YOUR Soulful Support System… here to help you prosper, succeed and fulfill your mission as a Lightworker, Coach, and/or Healer.

We’re here to help you Shine,
Andrea & AJ


AJ & Andrea Karlovich

— The Soulful Sensitives

Intuitive Empaths
Wholeness Energy Healers
Spiritual Psychology Practitioners

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As your Soulful Support System, there are 3 key areas where Lightworkers, Coaches, and Healers need support in order to prosper, succeed and fulfill their missions. They are…



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Own your gifts and greatness

Your gifts and greatness are meant to serve your purpose! Do you know what your soul gifts truly are… and how to use them? Do you know how to step into your greatness? By not owning your gifts and greatness, you rob others of opportunities to see themselves through your Light, and limit the impact you’re meant to have on the world. Hiding your gifts and greatness doesn’t serve the world or you. We help you recognize the true worth of your gifts, so they serve your purpose in the highest and best way. We help you own your greatness and inspire others to find theirs.


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Align your energy with your mission

Your energetic field is key to your success! What’s holding you back from going all-in? What’s keeping you from shifting all of your energy into your reason for being on the planet? What’s keeping you stuck? When your energy is diluted or pulled away from your mission, you repel possibilities and potential rather than attract them. Chances are, you may not be fully aware of what’s blocking your energy. We help you identify and clear energy drains, karma, unconscious limiting beliefs and more… enhancing the power and potency of an energetic field that’s aligned with your mission!


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Increase your energetic visibility

People need to see you for who you are! What are you unconsciously showing them? Are you saying one thing but projecting something else without knowing it? When your energetic visibility is dim, dark, distorted or out-of-focus, you’re limiting the amount of people who can see and recognize what you’re here to do for them. If they sense inauthenticity, insecurity, or subtle hooks, they might get turned off - You can’t hide your energy! We help you shift the energy of your unconscious and remove any blocks keeping you from being seen as the amazing soul that you are!

 You’re NOT alone!

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As Intuitive Empaths, we understand how challenging it is to step out into the Light and declare to the world that you’re here to do good things… that you’re here for a purpose. We also know what it feels like to be met with fierce criticism and heavy rejection from family, friends and people we thought were supportive.

Through our journey, we’ve understood how important it is to have a healthy, balanced support system while doing this work. And so, we’ve created a container for Coaches, Healers & Lightworkers to meet their highest and best potential without having to do it alone.

With our support, healing & guidance, we can save you years of time, money and energy. We can help you take a quantum leap forward and “get there” faster, without having to struggle through the countless mistakes many Lightworkers, Coaches and Healers continue to make.


The SECRET to becoming the best Lightworker, Coach or Healer you can be is…


Energy Healing!


Without a healthy support system or the right tools to keep their energetic field clean, Lightworkers, Coaches and Healers are susceptible to burnout, overwhelm and other life draining phenomena.

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Did you know…

How many Lightworkers, Coaches and Healers suffer from psychic attack energy, entity and spiritual attachments, emotional hooks and cords, and don’t even know it? Because of their inherent Soul Light, they can become magnets of all kinds of negative energy like jealousy, hate, judgment, envy, etc.

As Intuitive Empaths, we can find and remove psychic attack energy, entities, spiritual attachments, emotional hooks, cords and more…

  • Did you know how much Lightworkers, Coaches and Healers take on in terms of their clients’ energy, emotions, and “stuff” without clearing it? Because of their large capacity to hold space for others, they absorb energy and take on stress, pressure, ailments, emotions and a lot of other things which are NOT their’s.

    • As Intuitive Empaths, we can clear out any stagnant, stuck or imbalanced energy…

  • Did you know that Lightworkers, Coaches and Healers often carry a lot of karma and limiting beliefs associated with their mission and purpose? They tend to have a BIG Spiritual Curriculum to overcome — because the more they heal themselves, the more they can help others.

    • As Intuitive Empaths, we can resolve karma and release limiting beliefs plus their associated energy from your subconscious mind and help you complete your spiritual curriculum…

This is a bizarre world with so much mystery and subtlety and to be perfectly honest, people do some strange things without realizing it. Until we learn the psychic implications of our world, this type of phenomena will continue to get overlooked. We’re here to shine Light directly into these places and help you come out on top!
— AJ & Andrea Karlovich

As Intuitive Empaths, we help keep your energetic system functioning at an optimal level, allowing you to thrive with Empowerment, Clarity & Authenticity. We clear out anything and everything that’s keeping you from fulfilling your mission, and replace it with upgrades, tools and resources which will help you prosper long into the future.

We see YOU as the Light of the World and we’re here to help you shine… because when you shine, you light the way for others to shine as well!


Wholeness Energy Medicine

Medicine for the Soul

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One of the greatest gifts of working with us is having a balanced Masculine-Feminine container. We found that on our own we did great work, but together it’s something extraordinary. Many of our conflicts originate from an unhealthy Masculine-Feminine relationship stemming from our childhood. We bring a balance of both energies into a healing container, which allows for deeper trust & safety for our clients to heal old wounds that have greatly impacted their life & relationships.

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As a married couple, we bring the Love of each other and most of all, the Love of God into all that we do. It’s this type of approach that brings the most amount of clarity to our work. When Masculine & Feminine energies are married in Spirit, an amazing potential is born. There’s a wholeness that acts as Medicine for the Soul, which allows for people to go deeper than perhaps they’ve ever gone before.

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With this incredible container, we apply the wisdom of Spiritual Psychology and Holistic Psychoanalysis to navigate an extraordinary process of discovery, healing, and transformation. There’s a uniqueness to this process, which we’ve yet to encounter on our own, and are incredibly honored to be able to deliver it to you.


Client Stories

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“It all began with the death of my husband, which greatly affected my eldest daughter Priscilla(10). She developed epilepsy from the pain, and was taking medication for a few years. After receiving constant messages from others I was led to Anthony(AJ), who by simply touching her gave her inner peace. His words, advice and sessions left my daughter relieved, without seizures, without a stressed mind, and with nerves that would alter until she had control and appeared completely healthy. The flashbacks from my husbands death had completely disappeared, as did the seizures. With time and more tests it was verified, it was true… She was healed and didn’t need to take the medication anymore! She can lead a normal and peaceful life! She always remarks that Anthony(AJ) made her feel very good and that the healing helped her physical and mental interior. We are grateful and happy with the results!

Personally, Anthony(AJ) helped me overcome a difficult period of my life when I lost a baby last year and could not get out of a dark emotional hole. His words and distance healing gave me peace of mind. Now, I realize that he was right and that God loves me and through me made it known. Today, I am about to give birth to my last baby and I know that the peace that Anthony(AJ) transmitted to me was what helped me trust and love myself a little more. I am thankful for his advice and words that helped me move forward. The time with him gave me inner healing and peace of mind. I am eternally grateful.”

Cintia Jimenez | Buenos Aires, Argentina

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“My connection with God, friends, co-workers and even strangers have shifted. These connections feel genuine and caring, and bring me a lot of joy! I am definitely seeing through a loving heart rather than a fearful heart and my world has changed!

I would not only recommend but implore anyone who is suffering from depression to reach out. It was exactly this frame of mind that had me reach out to Andrea. I had gone through a divorce, I not only lost my husband but myself(identity or who I thought I was), and I felt responsible for breaking my family apart. I was riddled with guilt and each day was getting harder to live. At one point I even wrote my son a goodbye letter and apologized for needing to take my life to put an end to my pain. Through some God things, I couldn’t go through with it and I started to search for a way out. This story still brings tears to my eyes because I cannot believe how deep and dark my thinking was back then. But Andrea helped me to change that. As a side note, I’ve always dealt with depression so that was not new to me, it was just deeper and darker.

I had gone to therapists in the past and they seem to only want to listen but never gave me direction on how to change my thought process. Andrea broke it down for me. We went over my rough childhood and we focused on healing that young girl who was buried deep in me but lashed out at any injustice she experienced. It was almost as if we took apart a puzzle and put it back together correctly. So my gratitude towards Andrea is pretty huge since I can’t think of a better way to put it! Bottom line if Andrea could pull me out of deep dark despair, she can help you too. And on a lighter note, if you just want a more positive approach to life, she can do that as well. She wants you to find the best version of you and let it shine! No more hiding from being who you were meant to be, she can help you find YOU! I want to add that my life is a million times better since I worked with Andrea. The work she does is a gift to this world!”

Christine McDonald | Abilene, Texas

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“My sister introduced me to Andrea and AJ, before they met each other. They both helped me tremendously through some difficult emotional and physical challenges. I met Andrea when she moved to Honolulu and with her I experienced the most wonderful craniosacral work. I met AJ through email when he was living in another country and he did amazing energy work that involved clearing out some past life karma that in turn helped me to heal the physical distress I was having.

I was delightfully surprised when I received an invitation to a workshop taught by Andrea and AJ. Individually, they are incredibly gifted, intuitive and insightful practitioners. Together, they are phenomenal. The Mirrors Course that I did with them was life changing. I also had a craniosacral + energy work session with the two of them that was beyond anything I have ever experienced. I felt rejuvenated, uplifted and balanced.

Together, in joyful equanimity, AJ and Andrea exemplify hope for the future of the planet. They provide the highest service in assisting us in waking up to realize our divinity to accelerate our transformation in bringing our unique contributions to the world, with passion and love.

Ruth Uemura | Honolulu, Hawaii


These are just a FEW of the amazing stories from the incredible people we’ve had the honor and privilege of working with. If you’re ready for a life-changing story of your own… click the button below to learn more about working with us.