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Our Mission

Our mission is to help Coaches, Healers and Lightworkers (1)heal their past, (2)embrace the present, and (3)step into True Potential so that they can help make the world a better place!

  1. Heal the Past

    The past repeats what’s incomplete! Wounds and limiting programming imprison our thoughts and feelings, making us repeat old patterns of hurt and conflict in the present. From these patterns, we get stuck in the past and often resist trying something new. By healing the past, we are given more opportunities to embrace the magic of the present moment.

  2. Embrace the Present

    The present moment awards us amazing opportunities for discovery and setting clear intentions. By embracing the present moment, no matter the circumstances, we become empowered to make better choices without being influenced by the wounds of our past. With more clarity and understanding for “where we’re at,” it becomes easier to recognize our true potential.

  3. Step into True Potential

    We are each born with innate Soul Gifts and a purpose for being here on this planet at this time. By healing the past and embracing where you’re at, you open the door to accessing your innate soul gifts and stepping into the purpose and potential you’re here to fulfill.


Meet AJ & Andrea

Hi, we’re AJ & Andrea Karlovich. As Intuitive Empaths, we help sensitive men & women create Healthy Relationships and Happier Lives.

  1. What is an Intuitive Empath?

    An Intuitive Empath has an extra-sensory ability to know and understand what other people are feeling without being told. They also have a sharp sense for what’s true.

  2. Why are two Intuitive Empaths better than one?

    Together we intuit and hold more space for the places that need empathy and healing, creating a faster, cleaner and more profound experience for our clients. With two perspectives, we provide more details and insight, which reveals even more clarity and wisdom for clients.

  3. Why is a balanced Masculine & Feminine approach so important?

    Many of our sensitivities come from emotionally imbalanced experiences from the past. An emotional imbalance is ‘any experience where masculine & feminine energy is separated.’ By having both male and female facilitators, these imbalances can be met holistically, stabilized and completed.

    The beauty of having both a female & male facilitator present at the same time is that it creates a holistic, united and healthy “mother-father energy field” for clients, which is often something most didn’t receive in their childhoods.

    The balanced energy field we create as facilitators can bring up deeper places… but the beauty is it also allows for deeper healing with both of us being present for our clients. It allows for more holistic healing with both energies (feminine and masculine… mother and father).


His Story

AJ Karlovich

I grew up believing my sensitivity was a weakness and overcompensated with a strong image to hide behind. Hurt, disappointment, and judgment all felt super heavy, and to be honest, the world didn’t make sense – it felt alien. It created a deep unhappiness which poisoned just about all of my relationships. In truth, I had no idea I was an Intuitive Empath. My sensitivity wasn’t a weakness – it was a gift! Once I discovered the truth, I turned the focus inwards and left my old life behind. For several years, I explored life and the meaning of life. I traveled to the end of the world and studied just about every avenue of self-healing there is – cultivating my gift. I found God –Unconditional Love. I found so much Wisdom… I was able to heal my inner-self which opened the door for me to meet my sensitive soulmate. Now, together we help sensitive men & women cultivate their Emotional Intelligence and heal wounds created as a result of unembraced sensitivity. Sensitivity is a powerful ally in a sensory-based world. It’s also the key to healthy relationships and overall happiness in life.

Her Story

Andrea Karlovich

Rejection, criticism, and disappointment were unbearable as a child. I was sensitive to just about everything, which kept me asking myself, “am I good enough?” I strove to be perfect in other people’s eyes, but was often left feeling confused and overwhelmed by how much I was feeling. What I didn’t know is that I was naturally processing other people’s feelings for them, and was unable to discern what was mine and what wasn’t. The truth is, my sensitivity was actually a gift – I’m an Intuitive Empath! When I started trusting my gifts, my life changed. It set me on an incredible course where I could help others and also heal myself. After years of schooling (M.A.), training, and deep inner-work, I healed my relationship with myself, and opened an emotional healing practice. Shortly after, my twin flame & soulmate entered my life. Together, we help empathic men & women cultivate their relationship with themselves, and teach them how to utilize their sensitivity as a gift. Sensitivity awards us freedom to know ourselves in a more profound way. It illuminates the path to health, happiness, and more fulfilling relationships.


Our Story

Andrea & AJ Karlovich

It took a considerable amount of self-healing and exploration for us to reach the point of being ready to meet each other (in this lifetime). Our marriage is built upon unconditional Love and Wisdom. Everyday, we remain conscious of each other and most importantly, to what is taking place internally. Conscious relationships — the fulfilling kind — are always built upon awareness of oneself. We are mirrors of each other and find that our thoughts and feelings are usually (9 times out of 10) in alignment and in sync. A healthy relationship, we find, has an openness for perspective and most of all, a knowingness for where we are coming from. Our marriage is heart-centered and so everything that we say and do when it comes to each other, we do in Love.

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More about Andrea & AJ

After several years of facilitating clients in their own individual practices, Andrea & AJ were guided to unite. Having similar focuses in Relationship, Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Healing, AJ & Andrea combined their various modalities to serve clients with a holistically well-rounded approach. Working together, clients receive the benefits of a Masculine & Feminine perspective, helping them find balance and healing in their life & relationships.

More about Andrea…

Andrea received a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She trained in Embodiment Work, Trauma Resolution, Somatic Counseling, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and more. Later she created the Heart Healing Method, a holistic process that combines various modalities to support others in healing blocks and patterns in their life & relationships.

More about AJ…

After 40 days and nights, AJ initiated himself into The Inward Way, and was guided to travel to Central and South America. During that time, he studied Essene Principles, Pranic and Theta Healing, and later channeled his own Energy Healing Method. Today his work includes Holistic Psychoanalysis, Energy Healing, Karmic Clearing, and more. He has also written several books about philosophy, metaphysics, and cosmogony.

Andrea & AJ currently reside in Hawaii.

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To be seen and heard for who you truly are has a healing power that opens the soul to its highest potential.
— Soulful Sensitives
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