Speaking & Workshops


Manifesting the Riches of a Heart-Centered Life

Heart-Centered Living creates an inner richness that ripples outward, impacting every aspect of our life. When the heart is at the center of our intentions, all aspects of life become deeper and more fulfilling. Whether it’s a personal or business relationship, this way of living manifests a wealth of meaning and purpose in all that we do.

Bridging the Divine Feminine & Masculine: Healing Workshop

Men and Women have a conditioned fear to step into the Divine Feminine and Masculine archetypes. This fear births feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, while also fueling a lack of appreciation and respect for the other. As a result, we create imbalanced relationships. This is one of the root causes behind the conflicts between femininity and masculinity. In order to recover the Divine Blueprint, we have to reexamine our core principles and honor our intuition. By doing so, we empower Divine Love and Wisdom.

In this workshop, we explore the Divine Feminine and Masculine and provide tools to bridge the gap between them. Ultimately, by learning how to marry the Feminine and Masculine archetypes within, we can help heal the division between men and women in the world.

The Essene Mirrors of Sacred Relationship: Workshop

We invite you to share in the oldest method of psychoanalysis known to humanity, and the mystery at the Heart of all relationships.

The Essene Mirrors not only help us better understand relationships, but the meaning of life itself. The wisdom found through their reflection offers paths to karmic liberation and keys to enlightenment.

By initiating into this course of self-relfection, you have the potential to discover the mysteries of who you truly are.

The 7 Essene Mysteries

  1. The Mystery of the Present Moment

  2. The Mystery of Judgment

  3. The Mystery of What’s Lost, Given Away, and Taken Away

  4. The Mystery of Long-Forgotten Love

  5. The Mystery of Mother and Father

  6. The Mystery of Darkness

  7. The Mystery of Self-Perception