Let’s Work Together: Private Sessions

Metamorphosis 3-Month Package

Metamorphosis is a 3-month transformational healing journey with Andrea & AJ. It’s for men & women who are ready to dive deep, heal their past and step into their true soul potential in their life & relationships. We begin by exploring your relationship with yourself… because our outer experiences in life are a reflection of our inner reality!

Energy Healing Package

As experienced Energy Healers, we combine our efforts to create a balanced Masculine-Feminine healing container for our clients to overcome deep emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, which usually has a positive impact on their physical health as well! This form of medicine is powerful and can lead to many breakthroughs in a person's life & relationships.

Over It: 1-Month Package

 Over-It is a 1-month journey with Andrea & AJ! For men & women ready to get “unstuck” and truly “get over” whatever’s lingering and holding them back. Whether it’s heartbreak, depression, or just desiring a leap forward in your life & relationships… this 1-month of private sessions can support you with a big leap forward!

Superpower Session

Join AJ & Andrea for a 60-Minute private Superpower Session via Skype. For Sensitive Men & Women ready to transform their sensitivity into a superpower! Discover your unique “Superpower” and what’s blocking you from utilizing it. Learn at least one tool to help you overcome blocks and cultivate sensitivities as strengths.

 Working Together

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What do clients receive?

Clients receive a combination of modalities during their sessions, which may include…


Coaching, Facilitating, Teaching

Sometimes a shift in perspective can create miracles. With a mix of several modalities, including holistic psychoanalysis and spiritual psychology, we facilitate challenges, while also providing tools to help pave the way for transformation and change in a client’s life and relationships.

Somatic Counseling (Embodiment)

Trauma and wounds stored in the body act as part of our spiritual curriculum. In order to metabolize and release them, we have to bring awareness to their point of origin. By connecting to these points, the nervous system activates — bringing completion to unfinished experiences stored in the body’s cellular memory.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a powerful, yet subtle method of finding peace, balance, and light in a person’s life, and is a recommended tool for healing. It is also a profound method for connecting to deeper layers of a person’s subconscious and unconscious mind - revealing insight into past, present and future. Many of our clients have experienced what some might deem ‘miraculous.’

Belief & Karma Clearing

The human identity is built upon emotional charges(karma) as well as adopted and conditioned programs(beliefs). Overtime, we accumulate many limiting and negative patterns of behavior that create conflict and disruption in our lives. By clearing karma and old beliefs, we free up energy that can be used to enhance the quality of our life and relationships.


And more…

What working together looks like…

The beauty of having both a female & male facilitator present at the same time is that it creates a holistic, united and healthy “mother-father energy field” for clients, which is often something most didn’t receive in their childhoods.

The balanced energy field we create as facilitators can bring up deeper places… but the beauty is it also allows for deeper healing with both of us being present for our clients. It allows for more holistic healing with both energies (feminine and masculine… mother and father).

Breakthroughs happen when a person is met in a safe and consistent place — and so we create a “container” with our clients to allow for deeper connection, and more complete experiences.

Our container is based around seasons — 3 month intervals. With a 3-month container, seeing each other one day a week via Skype, alternating between combination and counseling sessions, our clients experience a steady rhythm of lasting change.

During this time, we explore the roots of a person’s relationship with Love, and what ripples out from their early childhood. Working together, we help our clients transform their relationships and manifest the future they’ve always wanted!

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